Ellie - a multi-purpose bot made for Discord. stable

Discord is a pretty solid communication platform for gamers. However, sometimes things get tedious. There might be a pretty fiesty conversation involving 100's of messages that need to be deleted. Since, Discord doesn't have a mass delete button, it's up to you to delete them one-by-one. Ellie can take care of this for you with just one command. Want to play some music in the autochat? Just ask Ellie! Need to quickly kick a toxic friend? Just ask Ellie!

Jola - the perfect job finding website for students. unstable

This one is in heavy development so please due expect bugs. It's extremely hard for teens to find a jobs. Most websites aren't designed to help students in younger age groups. Jola aims to solve this problem by providing step by step instructions and a clean user interface that any student could understand.

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